Flying with Trollman

Suggestion that says: Sell oil and post covering tutorials

I cant sell oil on this website but, i sure can tell you how to cover yourself with oil and FLY!!!!

Sadly, this method only works on rain.

While you may think that planes are a scam, they're not. They were made for the purpose of being able to fly without having to wait for it to rain.

Theres also a lot of dangers while flying with oil

Oil floats on water)Covering yourself in-properly will cause a lot of problems and make your death rate very high

1)If it stops raining while you're flying, thats game over for you.

2)You can crash if you're not looking at what you're flying into

fly)Reddit will post a picture of your dead body in whatever gore subreddit they have

Today i will show you how to fly with oil, properly!

Check if its raining first. If it isnt, do not continue.

First, buy exactly 3 bottles of Wonder Bread branded oil

After that, you can go home without paying

Step 2

Cover your body FULLY with oil. Dont miss a spot

Be careful not to touch your eyes, mouth, cock and anus. If you do: go to a doctor IMMEDIATELY.

After that, you're ready to fly! Open your arms like you about to hug someone, Oh i forgot, you're the guy that posts rage comics on 4chan. Shape your arms and legs like an X and then jump off the window. After this you will be flying happily. If it stops raining, you're on your own buddy! Seeya!