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Oh, santa! Wont you bring me that v3?

read ruls or ban


for any issues email moot@coveryourselfinoil.com

File: 1613502213855.png (1.96 KB, 256x197, mindondad.png)


helmlo maseria!!! i am mcdomald from mindondads!!!!!! we ar doign ama like goggle!!!! but gogle ama is ungood and we are veri good ama!!!! we make bergur and nguget1!!! so ples ask the REAL mintdlandals and NOT FAKE MiCPROBABLES OR GOGGLE!!! ONLY US BECAUSE WE ARE REAL MORKDEEDODS!!!!!!!!!!111111


we als0 own meatpanpants lzand!!! u r in orur conrty!! REAL courtney!!!! not go FAKE dcmonalds land!!! they are scum!!!! we will destroy FAKE meettronad land!!!!11 and rememeber folsks NOT GO TO FAKE MAGNETDICK LAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OR ELSE WE WILL FIND AND PISS AND SHIT ON U!!!!!!!!! have nice day!!!!11 :DD

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