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low self esteem, compressed in a tight package!!

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File: 1617983285554.jpg (51.15 KB,750x1000,download (19).jpg)


Let's epicly troll the government and post memes
about the chinese government.
We will trololo the president…and get cyio banned in china…



File: 1618370346003.jpg (31.24 KB,308x550,Literally.jpg)


yo this kid is litrilly fucking stupid


bump for gaming ignore for justin beiber


File: 1618338153973.png (77.69 KB,773x505,popbob.png)



hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi


cry is free


just outside my budget :(


hello can anyone post the letter a in the replies ok thanks


File: 1618269508135.jpg (4.57 KB,275x275,B.jpg)

you will never force me to type the first letter of the lexicon


you titled yourself with the first of the lexicon. you lose.

File: 1618091934201.gif (43.98 KB,148x136,jankenhonry.gif)


>be me
>be on discord


File: 1618260381261.png (458.01 KB,635x646,ewrioy9ep.PNG)

very haram

File: 1617054935007.png (1.11 MB,750x1067,804EFA2C-81CF-47B0-889B-97….png)


Naname nanajyuunana do no narabi de naku naku inanaku nanahan nanadai nan naku narabete naganagame
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pedo cringe


>>1549 is it loli?


Bro yucky womone


kill all trannies and faggots(BITCH GOT BANNED)





File: 1618069266612.jpg (64 KB,994x969,My man.jpg)


I just wanna let everyone know im da numbah one trollar

File: 1618068923298.jpg (39.79 KB,600x900,schwaz grey voer.jpg)



File: 1617299813116.jpg (127.96 KB,720x1144,IMG_20210322_191505.jpg)


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les goo


less gooo


lets goooooooooo


Less gooo


less go

File: 1617911666792.png (56.3 KB,1728x278,image0.png)


he likes miners


please help my butt is so itchy how do i cure it




scratch it retard

File: 1617741336998.jpg (70.43 KB,500x618,bgimacandquarterpunder.jpg)


Hey gusy



File: 1617889572342.png (7.29 KB,300x79,Screenshot_14.png)










Keanu chungus wholesome 100 reddit moment i beat up a kid that said minecraft bad and my doggo bit him so i gave him snaccos and we watched pewdiepie together while in elon musk’s cyber truck talking about how superior reddit memers are: “haha emojis bad” i said and keanu reeves came outta nowhere and said “this is wholesome 100, updoot this wholesome boy” so i got alot of updoots and edit: thanks for the gold kind stranger. but the kind stranger revealed himself to be baby yoda eating chiccy nuggies and drinking choccy milk so we went to the cinema to see our favorite movies avengers endgame but then thor played fortnite and fortnite bad, so then i said “reality is often dissappointing” and then baby yoda replied unexpectedthanos and i replied by expectedthanos for balance and then danny devito came to pick us up from the cinema and all the insta normies and gay mods stood watching ,as we,superior redditors went home with danny devito to suck on his magnum dong but i said no homo and started sucking,not like those gay mods,then the next morning we woke up to MrBeast telling us to plant 69420 million trees, me, baby yoda and danny said nice, and then on our way to plant 69420 million trees we saw a kid doing a tiktok so keanu reeves appeared and said “we have a kid to burn” and i replied “you’re breathtaking” so i said “i need a weapon” and baby yoda gave me an RPG so i blew the kid and posted it on subreddits and got 1000000000 updoots,i’m sure pewds will give me a big pp, then we shat on emoji users and started dreaming about girls that will never like me and posted a lie on r/teenagers about how i got a GF after my doggo died by the hands of fortnite players so i exploited his death for updoots

File: 1617783574086.png (361.62 KB,391x406,amonjus.png)




how to spill ?

File: 1617700596602.jpg (35.61 KB,600x450,cat.jpg)


cat oil


cat owner is probably a fat 30 year old pedo

File: 1617725864653.png (31.92 KB,800x600,Untitled.png)



File: 1617701213149.png (47 KB,187x171,deadass.png)


a random pic i screenshotted


deadass thread



File: 1617571867523.jpg (4.12 KB,112x153,ohno.jpg)


>be me
>7 years old
>retarded as all kids that age
>in the playground like all kids that age, too
>black kid comes up to me
>pushes me
>me, being as retarded as i am looked at his skin
>think of epic insult
>i spit out "shut up you brownie"
>had literally no idea that would be offensive, im just a retarded kid
>but it seems that he knows its offensive
>nope outa there
>only realise a year later what I have done


File: 1617658737804.png (77.69 KB,888x499,canvas.png)

when i was little i thought only black people voted for obama because he was black




3. Racism, NSFW and Homophobia isnt allowed, if you think this is unfair: this isnt the forum for you, 4chan is.

File: 1617700073881.jpg (92.93 KB,1118x668,1571370149507.jpg)


oil oil ioiol

File: 1617666014957.png (56.46 KB,1213x619,pico day 2021.png)


lets celibrite pico day 2021


this is pico day







File: 1617611255834.png (9.24 KB,128x128,aiposreaction.png)





File: 1617561152686.png (151.36 KB,425x412,sadball.png)


me when i go on a discord server just to see it has been raided with among us rule 34


well that's redditards for you


so we were watching incredible 2 and that bright box scene came up and he started doing a funy dance,,, idk why, he s epilpetic if that help!!!


mai parents r christian and they hrd me play let the bodies hit the flor!!!!!1! now im groonded help pl0x1!!

File: 1617488872391.png (5.84 KB,275x55,jankenmoot.PNG)


im gonna walmart you!!!!


i hate walmart


>wake up
>scratch my nuts
>get out of bed
>scratch my nuts
>keep scratching my nuts
I think I have a problem


stop scratching then idot

File: 1617472059768.png (12.48 KB,280x232,i-.png)





File: 1617471359660.gif (231.41 KB,220x220,tenor.gif)


matt is not real, janken is(BITCH GOT BANNED)

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